LCL Consolidation

Large as well as small exporters and importers often have cargo that is not enough to fill an entire container. To meet the requirement of shipping such LCL cargo, SSPL offers Less than Container Load Consolidation services. SSPL pioneered this service in India in 1979 and maintains it’s prominent position in this business. With an extensive presence in most cities in India and in 31 countries with 120 locations, SSPL is able to deliver and receive cargo to and from over 120 locations across the world. Our strong focus is on offering direct services to a large number of locations. The Company has provided the customers with the advantages of reduced transit time, reduced handling of cargo and higher cost efficiencies.

SSPL has also been active in Multi City Consolidation in India. Multi city consolidation involves movement of cargo under a bond from inland locations particularly (ICDís) to gateway ports for export cargo and vice-versa for import cargo. SSPL with its expertise in the business is capable of handling the entire chain in the process right from collecting the cargo from the shipperís doorstep, aggregating LCL cargo, transportation under bond, re-working at cargo hubs and arranging carriage to final destinations. As for importers, the Company caters to the delivery needs of its clients at various ICD locations through Multi-City Consolidation.

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